Military Nurse

Military nurses are registered nurses that that serve in the United States military. They provide professional nursing services that are essential to military personnel and in some cases the dependents of military personnel. Some military nurses work in hospitals or clinics but other work in the field. Their duties can include administering medications keeping patients’ charts serving on a surgical team and assisting other health-care professionals in whatever is needed for the care of the patients. The website says that military nurses must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing but some have master’s degrees as well. They must be registered nurses with unrestricted licenses. In addition they must be U.S. citizens and they are required to pass a security check. Pay for military nurses depends on their years of service as well as their rank and job grade but in general there are a variety of financial benefits that may not be available to civilian nurses. The website says that they can be paid between approximately $30000 to over $150000 annually. In addition they are entitled to cost-of-living raises health insurance paid vacations and in some cases they can be granted payment of tuition for further education that is related to the job. Depending on their assignment they may also be given living allowances. In addition if they must serve in a place that separates them from their families for more than 30 days they are given a special supplement. If they serve in a combat zone their pay may be exempt from taxes. In order to become a military nurse graduation from a nursing program is required as well as a registered nursing license.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $90000
High Salary: $150000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Provides nursing care to military personnel.
Works on military bases and in combat zones.
Travels to assigned stations.
Promotes safe and healthy environments for members of the military.
Also Called: Army Nurse
Army Nurse Corps Officer
Clinical Nurse Staff
Clinical Head Nurse
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