Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed vocational nurses are also referred to as a “licensed practical nurses.” They are employed by hospitals nursing homes and medical facilities. They also sometimes work in private homes. Some of the typical responsibilities of licensed vocational nurses include helping patients take baths assisting with grooming getting patients dressed and helping them brush their teeth. They also help patients move from one place to another and get out of bed. Licensed vocational nurses are required to take their patients’ vital signs which includes blood pressure pulse and temperature. They also watch their patients and record any obvious changes in how they look how they act and how they feel. When required they tend to their patients’ wounds by changing bandages and applying topical medications. Also they may be required to provide medications to their patients but licensed vocational nurses are only allowed to do this in some states. The typical work week for licensed vocational nurses is 40 hours but those hours can fall on weekends nights and holidays. Licensed vocational nurses spend a great deal of their work day standing and walking and they also must be capable of lifting heavy objects and sometimes even patients. In order to become a licensed vocational nurse it is first necessary to graduate from a training program. Additionally a license must be obtained which can be earned by passing a state exam. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the salary range for licensed vocational nurses is $22860 to $44040 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $33450
High Salary: $44040
Low Salary: $22860
Tasks: Provides direct patient care.
Helps patients with activities such as eating, bathing and dressing.
Looks for changes in patients' overall health.
Takes patients' vital signs.
Also Called: Licensed Practical Nurse
Home Healthcare Nurse
Vocational Nurse
Practical Nurse
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