Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses “LPNs” who are sometimes called “licensed vocational nurses” or “registered practical nurses” work in the health care field caring for patients by performing tasks such as taking patients’ vital signs (blood pressure temperature heart rate) dressing wounds and administering injections. They also carry out duties related to patients’ personal hygiene such as bathing and dressing and they may be in charge of feeding patients who are not able to feed themselves. They may also be expected to perform clerical and administrative tasks such as seeing to it that patients complete insurance forms properly. Licensed practical nurses are under the direct supervision of registered nurses and physicians. They are not usually permitted to perform tasks such as administering medication via IVs or hanging the first unit of blood for transfusions. Licensed practical nurses are employed in hospitals clinics doctors’ offices nursing homes and retirement facilities. In some cases they provide in-home services for individuals that need nursing assistance. They usually work eight-hour days but there may be times when they are needed 10-12 hours a day. Also those working in hospital settings must be willing to have flexible schedules sometimes working at night or on weekends. Licensed practical nurses need a high school diploma and must attend a vocational or technical school to complete a one-year program. However the website says that after two years of training LPNs can become certified. The website says that licensed practical nurses must be friendly and have good people skills. They must also have patience because the individuals for whom they care have illnesses and disabilities. According the website licensed practical nurses earn a yearly salary between $31496 and $43323.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $37409.5
High Salary: $43323
Low Salary: $31496
Tasks: Takes orders from registered nurses or physicians.
Helps patients with bathing, dressing and eating.
Administers some types of medications.
Takes patients' vital signs.
Also Called: Licensed Vocational Nurse
Nurse Assistant
Certified Nurse Assistant
Registered Practical Nurse
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