Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses are registered nurses. They travel to their patients’ homes to provide nursing care. Their patients are typically individuals who are recovering from injuries related to an accident those who have debilitating illnesses which prevent them from easily leaving their homes people with disabilities and those who are extremely young or old and cannot easily travel to a doctor’s office or hospital for their health care needs. Some of the typical responsibilities for home health nurses besides assessing their patients’ overall health is administering medication checking to ensure that wounds are healing properly monitoring whether illness symptoms are improving or worsening and checking their patients’ vital signs. Home health nurses typically work with specific patients on a relatively short-term basis. Nonetheless home health nurses must develop a rapport with the families of their patients because providing nursing care in patients’ homes provides a very unique dynamic that requires a different sort of interaction with family members. Remaining positive and communicating effectively with family members is essential for success in this profession. Home health nurses must be in constant contact with the physicians overseeing their patients and they must also be comfortable administering multiple medications to their patients at any given time. In order to become a home health nurse a RN license must be earned. This can be accomplished by completing an associate’s degree a bachelor’s degree or a nursing degree program and also passing a licensing exam. The United States Department of Labor reports that home health nurses can expect to earn a salary of approximately $50825 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $50825
High Salary: $53450
Low Salary: $48200
Tasks: Provides nursing services to patients in their homes.
Assesses patients' home environments.
Administers medication.
Monitors patients' symptoms and progress.
Also Called: Registered Nurse
Home Care Nurse
Hospice Nurse
Geriatric Nurse
Additional Resources: http://www.mynursingdegree.com/home-health-care-nurse/salary.asp