Geriatricians are medical doctors who focus on treating the multiple medical problems and chronic illnesses of the elderly. Illnesses they commonly treat are cardiovascular problems such as strokes and heart disease liver and kidney disorders and bone disorders such as osteoporosis. They may also focus on geriatric psychiatry treating neurological disorders such as dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) as well as depression. Geriatricians must be especially alert to the possibility of drug interactions and side effects that their patients may experience and they must help their patients establish a medical prescription regimen that minimizes any negative reactions. In addition to treating purely medical problems geriatricians have a broader concern as to whether the living situations of the elderly are safe and they counsel the elderly and their families about relocating to appropriate housing as well as about issues such as end of life care. According to the website geriatricians must complete a bachelor’s degree medical school followed by additional training in internal medicine and further specialty training in geriatrics. Given the aging of the population job prospects for geriatricians are excellent once they complete this training. Geriatricians work in nursing homes hospitals and surgery centers. Some work for the federal government or teach and conduct research at universities. Those with private practices maintain offices but they may visit patients who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Geriatricians’ earnings depend on years of experience geographic location type of facility in which they work and whether they have their own practice or are employed by an institution. The median annual salary geriatricians earn is approximately $167.000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $160000
High Salary: $190000
Low Salary: $130000
Tasks: Provides medical treatment to the elderly.
Assesses patients with a focus on geriatric complications.
Helps the elderly improve their quality of life.
Counsels families on end of life care.
Also Called: Geriatric Medical Doctor
Geriatric Physician
Geriatric Doctor
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