Geneticists study the genetic material of living organisms how information is passed from one living cell to another as well as from one generation to another. There are several kinds of geneticists. According to the website cytogeneticists study the qualities and behavior of chromosomes whereas population geneticists study how genetic material is manifested in groups of organisms. Geneticists may do some work in the field but many work and conduct research in laboratories doing mathematical and computer analyses on genetic information. Geneticists have a strong background in biology and most have advanced degrees in the field. According to the website another category of geneticists specialize in applying what is known about genetics to patients who have concerns about genetic issues. For example couples may want to know if they carry a gene that could result in a child with a birth defect and a woman may want to know if she carries a gene that predisposes her to breast or ovarian cancer. Clinical geneticists gather as much information as they can in combination with any tests that may be appropriate before rendering an opinion and possibly making suggestions about treatment. For a career in clinical genetics individuals usually graduate from medical school and then complete a fellowship in genetics. The training is lengthy but the pay is usually excellent particularly in urban areas. According to the website geneticists work at universities hospitals medical institutes agricultural institutes veterinary research institutes forensic laboratories and government agencies. The website says that geneticists earn annual salaries between $39000 and $79000.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $58747.5
High Salary: $78611
Low Salary: $38884
Tasks: Studies the genetic composition of living organisms.
Explains how genetic information is transmitted from one generation to another.
Conducts research on chromosomal abnormalities.
Performs tests on the patients to evaluate their genetic makeup.
Also Called: Human Geneticist
Molecular Geneticist
Clinical Geneticist
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