Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors work with many different types of people who are seeking help and advice for one of many varied reasons related to genetics. Some of the people who seek help from genetic counselors include couples who know that they are carriers of a genetic disease and want to know if they should avoid having biological children people who know they carry genes for genetic disorders and want to prepare for potentially developing the disorder and parents of children who were born with genetic diseases. According to genetic counselors work with individuals to evaluate and deal with all of the abovementioned situations and others as they arise. They spend time with their patients to help them completely understand their own medical histories as well as the medical histories of their family members. With the information they gather they determine their patient’s risk factors and explain what was found during genetic testing. Part of a genetic counselor’s role is to be a support system for individuals and families who have just found out that they are carriers of a genetic disease or that their children have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. In order to become a genetic counselor a minimum of a bachelor’s degree must be earned plus a master’s degree in genetic counseling. Additionally a license must be obtained. While certification is not always required it is often easier to find employment after certification has been achieved from the American Board of Genetic Counseling. The website lists the average yearly salary for a genetic counselor at $53777. Typical employers of genetic counselors are various types of medical facilities hospitals clinics and genetic science laboratories.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $53777
High Salary: $63777
Low Salary: $43777
Tasks: Counsels families who may be at risk for inherited conditions.
Helps individuals adapt to genetic disorders.
Analyzes inheritance patterns as related to genetic abnormalities.
Explains risks of developing genetic diseases to patients.
Also Called: Genetic Therapist
Genetic Researcher
Genetic Scientist
Genetic Expert
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