Flight Nurse

There are times when people who are ill or critically injured must be transported to a medical facility via airplane or helicopter possibly because they are being rescued from a disaster area or have experienced a trauma such as a car accident. In some cases their circumstances necessitate that they be transferred from one medical facility to another. In such situations a nurse who is trained to attend to the type of acute medical needs typical for such patients must be on the flight. According to the website www.bestjobdescriptions.com flight nurses are registered nurses who have also been trained as emergency medical technicians and have experience working in an intensive care unit or emergency room of a medical facility. The specific requirements for flight nurses depend upon the state in which they are based. Many flight nurses have taken the same courses as advanced medical technicians and paramedics and some earn board certification in emergency nursing flight nursing or critical care. Flight nurses care for patients under stressful circumstances and they must be able to perform both emergency and nonemergency procedures in a limited amount of time and in a confined space. Flight nurses can work for the military but they are also employed by hospitals airlines and medical emergency disaster teams. According to the website www.nursing-school-degrees.com earnings for flight nurses depend on their experience credentials and the region in which they work. Flight nurses earn a median annual salary of approximately $66300 but many earn more than $74000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is competition for flight nurse jobs but there should be a good rate of growth for the flight nurse profession.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $70150
High Salary: $74000
Low Salary: $66300
Tasks: Cares for patients during flights.
Administers medication while airborne.
Helps to transfer patients from one hospital to another via air travel.
Monitors medical supplies on airplanes and helicopters.
Also Called: Registered Nurse
Emergency Medical Technician
Air Transport Nurse
Flight For Life Nurse
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