Emergency Room Nurse

There are many types of nurses who work in various realms within doctor's offices organizations school systems and hospitals. Emergency room nurses work specifically in the ER and are trained to quickly assess medical situations and provide treatment as rapidly as necessary.

Because each patient that enters an emergency room comes in with a unique medical situation which can range from a broken bone to a heart attack emergency room nurses must have a broad range of medical knowledge.

The website mynursingdegree.hubpages.com states that emergency room nurses must be able to identify what is going on with patients who are unconscious or unable to speak they must be able to assess symptoms and give proper diagnosis and they must be able to provide on-the-spot treatment to patients needing immediate care. They also must be trained at resuscitation.

The environment in an emergency room is fast-paced and challenging. There are often critical cases that must be dealt with quickly and urgently. Emergency room nurses must have the proper training and a bachelor's degree in nursing is required. They must also be licensed have CPR certification basic life support training and be knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and how it continues to evolve.

Emergency room nurses endure a high level of stress while they are at work and they must deal with patients facing life-threatening situations on a daily basis. The job can be physically and emotionally draining. Therefore this nursing specialty has a higher than average turnover rate. Nonetheless the career of an emergency room nurse can be extremely rewarding. According to the website www.medical-career-training.com emergency room nurses earn between $42250 and $86150 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $64200
High Salary: $86150
Low Salary: $42250
Tasks: Quickly assesses patients who arrive in the emergency room.
Provides medical treatment to patients.
Knows about a broad range of medical areas.
Handles life-threatening situations.
Also Called: Triage Nurse
Registered Nurse
Certified Emergency Nurse
Nurse Practitioner
Additional Resources: http://mynursingdegree.hubpages.com/hub/Emergency-Room-Nurse