Electrologists specialize in the permanent removal of unwanted hair. According to the website www.edudecisions.com they have an initial meeting with a client to determine his or her wishes and concerns. Once a plan of action has been established they use sterile needles to transmit electrical energy into the follicle of each unwanted hair in order to destroy it. Subsequently they meet with the client to make sure the goal for hair removal has been met. The services electrologists provide play an important role in how people feel about their appearance which can influence their self-esteem. Electrologists must be trained for a certain number of hours in an electrology training program or school. The exact number of hours needed depends upon the specific requirements of each State. Some courses may be taken online but much of the training involves hands-on practice. In general courses cover subjects such as physiology of hair and skin techniques of electrolysis sanitation and hygiene and professional conduct and ethics. Aspiring electrologists who devote themselves to full-time training can become certified in less than one year. Programs that lead to certification cost between $2000 and $7.000. The website www.edudecisions.com reports that the salaries electrologists can expect to make depend upon location reputation and work setting. They charge between $45 and $150 per hour for their services. The American Electrology Association says that an established electrologist who works full-time earns between $25000 and $50000 a year. Electrologists who own their own businesses usually have expenses of at least $10000 for equipment and supplies.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $37500
High Salary: $50000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Removes unwanted hair from clients.
Improves clients' self image.
Communicates with clients about the electrology process.
Uses electrology equipment.
Also Called: Hair Removal Specialist
Certified Professional Electrologist
Additional Resources: http://www.edudecisions.com/articles/career-training/beauty/electrologist.php