Clinical Immunology Technologist

It would be impossible to discover new diseases and disorders of the human immune system and learn how to treat them without the research and testing that clinical immunology technologists perform in laboratories.

Clinical immunology technologists are often called medical laboratory technicians and clinical laboratory technologists because they spend a great deal of their time in laboratories studying the human immune system and how it works.

Sometimes however the human immune system does not work correctly it malfunctions it encounters diseases that it cannot fight or it works too well such as in cases where it works to reject transplanted organs. These are some of the scenarios that clinical immunology technicians study in hopes of discovering new ways to implement medications therapy or other types of intervention to cause the immune system to work more efficiently.

Clinical immunology technologists run tests on blood human tissue samples and other biological substances using laboratory instruments and high-tech machines. After tests are conducted clinical immunology technologists analyze results compile data and make recommendations for further research.

The educational background for a clinical immunology technologist is a minimum of a bachelors degree with a major in biology life science or another medical-related field. Clinical immunology technologists according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics earn a median annual salary of approximately $53500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $53500
High Salary: $63500
Low Salary: $43500
Tasks: Studies the human immune system.
Researches ways to treat immune system disorders.
Works primarily in a laboratory
Analyzes and compiles results of research studies.
Also Called: Medical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Laboratory Technologist
Immunology Technologist
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