Healthy feet are crucial if people wish to remain mobile and able to engage in a healthy degree of exercise. Chiropodists more commonly known also as podiatrists specialize in treating and preventing foot problems such as corns calluses in-grown toenails and fungal infections. They also aid people who are suffering from foot pain by observing how they walk and advising them on how to change their habits. In some cases they prescribe orthotic devices that can be inserted into shoes to make walking less painful.

According to some chiropractors focus on sports injuries while others concentrate on treating geriatric patients many of whom suffer from arthritis or diabetes. They can also diagnose and treat problems in infants and children.

Many chiropodists limit their practice to nonsurgical problems but depending on their expertise and the regulations of the state in which they practice some prescribe medications and perform minor foot surgery on foot problems such as bunions. With additional specialized training they can also perform ankle surgery.

With regard to education chiropodists in the United States must first earn a bachelors degree and then complete a four-year program of study that leads to a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) which is granted by several colleges across the United States. They must then pass both state and national examinations to qualify for the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners license.

Some states require chiropodists to serve as residents for at least one year before they can go into practice. Many chiropodists work in clinics and hospital settings but some have private offices. It is not uncommon for chiropodists to make house calls and travel to nursing homes where they provide service to the residents.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics their median annual income is approximately $114000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $114000
High Salary: $124000
Low Salary: $104000
Tasks: Treats foot problems.
Prescribes orthotic devices for patients.
Prescribes medications.
Performs foot surgery.
Also Called: Podiatrist
Foot Doctor
Foot Surgeon
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