Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers understand the rules of many different types of sports and they work directly with individual athletes and athletic teams as they train to improve their skills. They work both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather. They must be in good physical condition because they have to stand for long periods of time and they must also kneel and squat throughout games.

Athletic trainers have a variety of duties. First they order medical and health-related equipment and supplies for the team. Second they keep careful track of all team members and advise them on diet and exercise regimes often customizing workouts for individual players in order to prevent injuries during games. Finally they are present to treat minor cuts and bruises that occur during games.

Athletic trainers are in constant communication with athletic directors and team physicians when team members sustain more serious injuries. Athletic trainers work for high schools colleges sports camps and professional teams. The website says that in order to qualify for this job it is necessary to earn a degree in athletic training from a four-year college that is accredited by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).  Consider an education as an Athletic trainer.

During the course of preparing for this career prospective athletic trainers should volunteer to help trainers at local schools. In addition they must complete a first aid course and become certified in CPR in order to earn athletic trainer certification from NATA. According to the website salaries for athletic trainers vary a great deal depending on education experience and whether or not training is for a professional athletic team.

Overall the median annual salary for athletic trainers is approximately $34000. However athletic trainers that work for professional teams often earn more than $75000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $54500
High Salary: $75000
Low Salary: $34000
Tasks: Helps prevent athletes from obtaining injuries.
Assists athletes with rehabilitation after injuries.
Keeps detailed health records for each supervised athlete.
Helps on-the-scene when injuries occur.
Also Called: Sports Trainer
Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist
Allied Health Professional
Athletic Reconditioning Specialist
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