Athletic Therapist

In the event that a professional or amateur athlete becomes hurt an athletic therapist works to help them to recover from injuries using various physical therapy techniques. Athletic therapists help clients ranging from those who play sports for fun to expert athletes in the NFL NBA NHL and all other professional sports leagues.

The injuries that athletes may endure range from simple bruises to broken bones and extremely severe traumas to the body. Regardless of the extent of the injury the main goal of an athletic therapist is to help an athlete get their body back to an optimal physical condition so they can return to their sport as an effective and strong athlete.  Why not consider a career change to the medical field?

Athletic therapists are often employed by professional sports teams private clinics and private gyms. Prior to becoming an athletic therapist a degree must be earned from an accredited physical therapy program and then an exam must be passed so that a license can be obtained. It is necessary to have a license to work in this field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for an athletic therapist is approximately $74000 and the physical therapy field is expected to grow significantly over the next five to seven years. The growth in this industry can be attributed to the advancing popularity of professional sports.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $67300
High Salary: $82700
Low Salary: $51900
Tasks: Helps amateur and professional athletes recover from injuries.
Uses various physical therapy techniques to help clients re-build strength.
May be employed by a professional sports team or a private clinic.
Uses the most advanced physical therapy techniques to assist clients in their recovery.
Also Called: Physical Therapist
Sports Therapist
Rehabilitation Therapist
Rehab Therapist
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