Ambulatory Care Nurse

Ambulatory nurses are healthcare professionals who want to provide nursing care on an outpatient basis. Ambulatory nurses are usually based in doctors' offices and clinics but some help patients on the telephone or even through the internet. The patients they help are not hospitalized.

Ambulatory care nurses help people manage chronic illnesses and injuries so they can and remain as independent as possible. Ambulatory care nurses who care for ailing elderly individuals are in particular demand. On a typical day ambulatory care nurses see a variety of patients each for a short period of time.

Success in this profession calls for compassion being adept at providing emotional as well as physical support and the ability to keep track of a great deal of detailed information about many different patients.

The website says that ambulatory care nurses must earn an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in nursing. Once they become licensed they work as RNs for two years and complete 2000 hours of training in ambulatory care. Alternatively some return to school to complete 30 hours of coursework in ambulatory care and then pass a certification exam.  Locate an online school for a degree in the healthcare industry.

Additional training to stay up to date in new techniques helps them advance in the profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average growth for this profession and anticipates many more jobs will be open than there are qualified individuals to fill them.

According to the website the median annual salary for ambulatory care nurses with bachelor's or master's degrees is approximately $62500.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $62500
High Salary: $64500
Low Salary: $60500
Tasks: Treats patients who have chronic illnesses or injuries.
Meets with patients outside of an in-patient hospital setting.
Provides care in person, over the phone, and through other forms of communication.
Implements preventative nursing care to patients.
Also Called: Registered Nurse
Certified Ambulatory Nurse
Health Care Professional
Clinic Nurse
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