A career as an acupuncturist can be fulfilling and lucrative depending on the level of expertise the number of patients that can be served on a daily basis and the type of client receiving treatments. Normally aspiring acupuncturists must enroll in a formal training program before obtaining the skills necessary to succeed in this field.  If you are interested in finding a career as an accupunctirist search here.

A licensed acupuncture educational program usually includes studying the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as taking courses related to learning the pressure point locations on the body. Upon graduating from an educational program acupuncturists are ready to begin treating patients for their pain illness depression or other ailment. states that the median income for an acupuncturist per year is approximately $45000 but some can make over $100000 per year depending on their skill level how many people recommend them via word-of-mouth advertising and how much they charge their clients per session. Given the fact that this field has dramatically increased in popularity due to an increasingly high level of interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine by many people over the last 20 years its no wonder it is possible to find open positions for acupuncturists in most metropolitan areas within the United States.

Most acupuncturists work in medical offices medical clinics in chiropractors offices in conjunction with holistic healers specializing in other areas and some may own an independent acupuncture office or house-call service. To succeed in this field its essential to have a mature personality show a high level of respect to clients be an excellent listener and have exceptional communication skills.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $38011.5
High Salary: $50421
Low Salary: $25602
Tasks: Relieves pain and tension in a patient's body.
Treats patients for pain, illness, depression, or other ailment
Studies the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Learns about the pressure point locations on the body.
Also Called: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Holistic Healer
Natural Healer
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