Weight Loss Consultant

In recent years the rate of obesity in the world’s society has skyrocketed and people are realizing that maintaining the proper weight for their age height and gender is essential not only for cosmetic reasons but also for health and well-being. To address this concern many weight loss programs have been established some of which offer dietary guidelines or even pre-packaged meals. Weight loss consultants who are employed by these programs work directly with the clients checking on their progress answering their questions and motivating them to continue with the program. Weight loss consultants usually schedule weekly meetings with clients but also are available for phone support when the client feels he or she needs encouragement to stick with the program. Some weight loss consultants schedule regular weigh-ins for small groups of clients or arrange informational meetings for groups of potential clients. The website www.wisegeek.com says that weight loss consultants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent although those with college courses in subjects such as nutrition have an advantage over those with no college credits when applying jobs but most weight loss programs train the consultants that they hire. However there is no specific educational requirement which is not the case for nutritionists or dieticians who need an advanced certificate or degree. In addition weight loss consultants should have some experience working in sales and customer service because they often earn a commission based on how many people enroll in the weight loss program. According to the website www.payscale.com individuals that work full-time as weight loss consultants earn between approximately $18800 and $28800 annually.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $23825
High Salary: $28830
Low Salary: $18820
Tasks: Holds meetings with members of a weight loss program.
Provides emotional support to clients.
Motivates clients to exercise and eat healthy foods.
Keeps track of clients' weight loss.
Also Called: Dietitian
Weight Loss Coach
Weight Loss Therapist
Additional Resources: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-does-a-weight-loss-consultant-do.htm