Veterinarians are professionals who love animals and want to make a difference in their health and well-being. Veterinarians who are sometimes called “doctors of veterinary medicine (DVM)” diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in animals including pets farm animals or wildlife. The treatments can include prescribing medicine or performing surgery depending on the problem the animal is experiencing. However they also perform regular checkups and inoculations. Becoming a veterinarian is not easy-the training is lengthy and costly. According to the website aspiring veterinarians must first earn a bachelor’s degree with courses such as biology zoology and chemistry. Then they attend a four-year college of veterinary medicine which will have highly competitive admission standards. Upon graduation veterinarians usually serve in an internship for one or two years. Those who want to become board certified in an area of specialization serve in a three- to four-year internship. In all 50 states veterinarians must have a license to practice which they can earn by graduating from an accredited school of veterinary medicine and passing a national veterinary medicine exam. In addition to the formal requirements veterinarians must have certain personal qualities. They must be good problem-solvers and decision-makers. They must be able to communicate with animal owners and empathize with their anxiety when an animal is sick or injured and with their grief when an animal cannot be saved. Most clinical veterinarians begin their careers working in an established practice but eventually start their own or buy an existing practice. Some veterinarians work in zoos or visit farms and ranches. Those working in public health conduct research on prevention and control of communicable animal diseases. The average yearly salary for a veterinarian is approximately $72000 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $71963.5
High Salary: $85409
Low Salary: $58518
Tasks: Examines animals.
Treats sick or injured animals.
Prescribes medication.
Performs surgery.
Also Called: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Animal Doctor
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