Social Worker

Social workers assist people who are facing a crisis and in need of counseling so that they can approach their situations in ways that empower them to deal with their difficulties. Social workers may help place children in foster homes when necessary they may contact legal authorities when there is a suspicion of child or elder abuse or they may help people who lack funds to obtain government financial assistance or to find sources that will provide for their needs. The field of social work is sometimes categorized as follows casework which involves working with individuals and their families group work which involves working with groups of people that have a common issue such as being single parents community organization which focuses on developing projects such as afterschool programs for latchkey children or sports programs for troubled high school students. According to the website social workers are employed by hospitals clinics rehabilitation centers public welfare agencies private social service agencies and the court system. Some have positions at colleges and universities while others have private practices. Social work can be emotionally draining because it involves working with people that have problems of varying severity. Some social work jobs require a bachelor's degree in social work or a field such as sociology or psychology. However most jobs require a master's degree in social work and those that aspire to academic teaching or research positions usually have doctoral degrees in social work or a related field. Clinical social workers who work directly with clients usually become members of the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) by working for two years under the supervision of a social worker that is already a member. The website says that the median annual salary for social workers is approximately $46000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $46340
High Salary: $57860
Low Salary: $34820
Tasks: Offers guidance to people in crisis.
Organizes discussions and activities for those who need help.
Provides counseling support.
Writes assessment reports.
Also Called: Social Services Professional
Case Worker
Mental Health Counselor
Clinical Social Worker
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