Naturopaths practice an alternative type of medicine by taking a natural holistic preventive approach to treating patients. According to the website traditional naturopaths have been in existence for many years. Traditional naturopaths are typically not licensed. Modern naturopaths on the other hand do have medical training but they use medicine sparingly. Both types of naturopaths spend a considerable amount of time with each patient to determine the source of any medical problem and use minimally invasive treatment methods such as nutritional therapy and relaxation techniques. They often coordinate their services with other alternative medical professionals such as acupuncturists. To be successful naturopaths must have excellent observational as well as listening and communication skills because an important goal is to educate patients on lifestyle modifications that will lead to improved health. Naturopaths focus not only on the patient’s physical issues but also on their mental concerns. They usually work in medical facilities but some have independent practices where they usually have evening and weekend hours to accommodate patients’ working schedules. Their offices offer a serene environment that help to alleviate patients’ stress. There are no set educational requirements for traditional naturopaths but they must continue to education themselves on new developments that contribute to whole-person health. Modern naturopaths have completed medical school and are licensed to practice as primary care physicians. Assuming employment opportunities in the health care industry grow job prospects for naturopaths should be good especially since they have gained some degree of acceptance by the medical profession. According to the website the median annual salary for naturopaths is approximately $50000. However earnings vary widely depending on experience credentials location and type of practice. Annual salaries can be as low as $27500 but as high as $100000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $63500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $27000
Tasks: Treats patients using natural techniques.
Relies on holistic methods of treating illnesses.
Believes in the body's ability to heal itself.
Works with patients using minimally invasive treatments.
Also Called: Alternative Medical Practitioner
Traditional Naturopath
Modern Naturopath
Holistic Healer
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