Medical and Public Health Social Worker

Medical and public health social workers who are often referred to as “community health social workers” or “hospital discharge social workers” are responsible for helping individuals who have recently experienced an illness or injury. They help these people find community resources and support groups that will help them after they are discharged from the hospital. Their ultimate goal is to help their clients to get their lives back to normal – or a close to normal as possible – after a hospital stay. This often involves making plans with family members on how medical care will be administered after leaving the hospital providing information on appropriate support groups for both clients as well as family members and following up with their clients on a scheduled basis to determine their progress and whether or not they need additional assistance. Medical and public health social workers must have compassionate and caring personalities because they must deal with individuals who have just experienced a trauma. Their clients and their clients’ family members not only need the practical information that socials workers provide but they also need the emotional support that social workers are able to give. According to the website medical and public health social workers are employed by governmental agencies hospitals nursing homes and private agencies. Not only are medical and public health social workers advocates for those who need help adjusting to a sudden illness or injury but they also provide assistance to people with disabilities elderly individuals those who have substance abuse problems and women who have just given birth and are in need of support. The website states that some medical and public health social workers can find positions after earning a bachelor’s degree but most have master’s degrees. The median yearly salary for medical and public health social workers is $46300.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $46300
High Salary: $52300
Low Salary: $40300
Tasks: Assesses patients' needs.
Refers patients to various community resources.
Counsels patients and family members.
Monitors and records patients' progress.
Also Called: Hospital Discharge Social Worker
Hospital Inpatient Social Worker
Visiting Social Worker
Assisted-Living Social Worker
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