Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers are in charge of the business operations of medical facilities. They are also commonly referred to as “healthcare executives” and “healthcare administrators” and they are responsible for overseeing the delivery of healthcare. As stated by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( the healthcare industry is a business just like any other business and it needs to be managed by an experienced and educated group of individuals who understand what it takes to coordinate and supervise the administration of healthcare services. Medical and health services managers are needed at several levels. Not only are they are hired to oversee specific departments within large healthcare organizations but they are also required to supervise at the top levels of healthcare systems. Due to the ever-increasing complexity associated with the delivery of healthcare in the United States it is necessary that medical and health services managers are able to deal with frequent changes in healthcare laws the advancement of technology as it relates to the administration of healthcare and an increased focus on preventative medicine. The role of medical and health services managers can be difficult and stressful due the many pressures placed on medical facilities – – not only to control healthcare costs but also to have a reputation for medical excellence. According to the website medical and health services managers need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but most department managers have master’s degrees and those with the highest managerial positions have doctoral degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics medical and health services managers have the potential to earn between $48300 and $137800 per year with the highest salaries going to those who work for the largest facilities and to those with the highest levels of responsibilities.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $93050
High Salary: $137800
Low Salary: $48300
Tasks: Plans and directs the delivery of healthcare.
Establishes healthcare facility policies and procedures.
Recruits, hires and trains medical personnel.
Administers budgets and fiscal operations.
Also Called: Registered Health Information Administrator
Healthcare Executive
Healthcare Administrator
Clinical Manager
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