Human Services Worker

Human service workers perform a variety of functions all of which are related to human needs and ways to remedy problems people have in order to improve their quality of life. The website says that most human service workers have bachelor's degrees in subjects such as social work sociology or psychology and usually they have some prior experience working as assistants in the field. Some human service workers have associate's degrees in social work human services or a behavioral or social science. In general the level of education usually determines the type of work performed. Human service workers usually conduct interviews to determine the nature of a client's needs. They then assist their clients in finding the appropriate help. Some clients are developmentally challenged some might be suffering from substance abuse and others might have mental health problems that call for treatment by a psychiatrist. Human services workers often specialize in one of these problem areas. Human service workers can work for state or local governments or for private human service agencies. Some work with people who live in group homes or halfway houses. The website says that salaries for human service workers depend on the employer their level of education and the specific area of concentration. For example full-time social workers make an average annual salary of $62000 but substance abuse workers earn less with an average salary of $43000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52500
High Salary: $62000
Low Salary: $43000
Tasks: Refers individuals to public assistance agencies.
Works with individuals and families in need of assistance.
Helps to locate housing for people in need.
Assists clients in filling out forms and obtaining documents needed to apply for assistance.
Also Called: Social Worker
Community Support Worker
Social Services Worker
Public Outreach Worker
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