Health Communication Specialist

Health communication specialists are tasked with developing messages related to specific health-related issues and relaying those messages to the public. They spread health-related news and information via the internet television radio advertisements and printed materials. Not only do they attempt to help individuals and communities adopt healthy behaviors and teach them how to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses but they also play the role of activists when trying to relay specific information about particular health issues. For example they often attempt to influence policy makers on how to handle virus outbreaks that have the potential of infecting a large percentage of the population. Typical employers of health communication specialists are nonprofit organizations pharmaceutical companies and various governmental agencies that deal with public health issues. They often write articles or are interviewed for news stories that appear in newspapers and magazines and they also often appear as spokespeople or experts on television and radio news broadcasts. Due to their public profile health communication specialists must be up-to-date on their health policy knowledge and also be able to explain complicated health-related policies to the general public in a way that they will understand. According to the website aspiring health communication specialists must earn a bachelor’s degree with a major in communication journalism public health or another related discipline. Many health communications specialists further their education with a master’s degree andor a certificate in health communication. The website reports that salaries for heath communication specialists typically range from $51630 to $97333 depending on their employer their number of years experience and their education level.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $74481.5
High Salary: $97333
Low Salary: $51630
Tasks: Creates and distributes information related to health and wellness.
Uses communication to helps to prevent the spread of diseases.
Influences health care issues.
Helps to improve public health literacy.
Also Called: Health Promoter
Medical Writer
Health Literacy Specialist
Health Educator
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