Individuals who are comfortable around horses confident that they can handle horses with a wide variety of temperaments and think it would be fulfilling to ensure that horses have pain-free comfortable lives could well find a career path as a farrier to be ideal. Farriers who in the past have sometimes been called blacksmiths are professionally trained to trim hoofs and then to use hot or cold metal to fit shoes not only for horses but also for other hooved animals. Properly fitted shoes are always important but in some instances specially fitted shoes make it possible for horses to engage in certain kinds of work or sport. Although nowadays they are not considered doctors of veterinary medicine farriers are often part of the treatment plan when animals have problems or diseases related to their legs or hoofs. In some cases farriers fit shoes to correct an animals gait or increase traction. According to the website www.wisegeek.com some farriers specialize in shoeing horses that will jump or run in horse races. Farrier schools teach metalworking skills as well as techniques in the proper fitting of shoes. They also teach information on the anatomy and physiology of horses including the types of shoes that can correct treatable problems that horses can develop with their legs and feet. To aspire to a career as a farrier individuals usually serve in an apprenticeship for up to two years. They may need additional formal training if they want to specialize. The website httpwww1.salary.com says that the median annual salary for farriers is approximately $20600.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $20652
High Salary: $23652
Low Salary: $17652
Tasks: Fits shoes on horses.
Treats diseases of horse hooves.
Shapes metal to create horse shoes specific to each horse.
Has blacksmithing skills.
Also Called: Horse Shoe Fitter
Equine Specialist
Horse Specialist
Horseshoe Blacksmith
Additional Resources: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-farrier.htm