Dog Groomer

Dog groomers love animals in general – but especially canines – and want to ensure that their clients' pets look top notch upon leaving their facility. Dog groomers shampoo brush and trim dogs according to the guidelines for each breed. They are also trained to note any potential health problems dogs could have.

The website says that not only do they "beautify" the dogs in their care and make them smell good but they are also often the first ones to spot health problems such as ear infections skin problems fleas parasites and tooth decay.

Dog groomers work in pet stores animal hospitals animal shelters kennels and veterinary offices. Some are employed by high-end hotels and resorts to groom the pets of those who vacation there. Some have their own dog grooming businesses. They are expected to maintain the area in which they work so that is clean and sanitary and they must have high standards of professionalism in their dealings with pet owners.

There are no set formal requirements for dog groomers. Some take online courses in animal grooming or attend vocational schools to develop expertise. However gaining on-the-job experience is also important. Dog owners are quick to recognize which groomers have patience and truly care for their pets. Dog groomers who plan to take further training that could lead to jobs such as a veterinary technician must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( job opportunities for dog groomers should grow in the coming years. The website lists the salary range for dog groomers between $12919 to $47344 with higher salaries earned by those who have many years of experience and those who own their own dog grooming business.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $30131.5
High Salary: $47344
Low Salary: $12919
Tasks: Bathes dogs.
Bushes dogs.
Cuts dogs' hair.
Trims dogs' nails.
Also Called: Pet Groomer
Dog Hairstylist
Pet Grooming Professional
Pet Stylist
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