Chinese Medical Practitioner

A Chinese Medical Practitioner does not practice medicine the same was as a modern Western physician does in the United States. The most major difference between Chinese medical practitioners and Western physicians is that that Western doctors focus on pharmaceuticals and surgery as remedies for ailments and Chinese medical practitioners focus on using an ancient form of Chinese medicine that has existed in China for thousands of years.

The theories behind traditional Chinese medicine are more philosophical than science-based. For example Traditional Chinese Medicine commonly referred to as TCM is based on a bodys balance and harmony and the theory is that if the body is balanced it will function normally and be able to fight off infections or viruses without the use of modern medicine or surgical intervention.

Chinese medical practitioners believe that the body is capable of healing illness automatically so long as these bodily subsystems are in balance. If they become imbalanced the healing system fails and illness occurs. While a majority of the population outside of the Orient is skeptical of Chinese medical practitioners and their philosophies more and more Western medical schools are incorporating TCM-related classes into their degree programs. Nonetheless there are many people who believe solely in using alternative healthcare for the treatment of their illnesses and hence Chinese medical practitioners are in constant demand across the world.

In order to practice as a Chinese medical practitioner in the United States a degree must be earned from a school that offers degrees or certificates in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Oriental Medicine.

According to a Chinese Medical Practitioner earns a salary of approximately $35000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $45000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Focuses on alternative remedies for ailments.
Uses philosophy rather than medical drugs in treatment plans.
Attempts to make patients' bodies "balanced."
Utilizes acupuncture and massage therapy in treatment plans.
Also Called: Alternative Healthcare Provider
Holistic Healer
Alternative Healthcare Practitioner
Alternative Healthcare Specialist
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