Assisted Living Activities Director

Assisted living activities directors serve many roles. According to the website they plan social events that take place in assisted living facilities with the idea that residents should receive as much social and mental stimulation as possible. When appropriate they may arrange for religious services for the residents. They plan holiday celebrations often inviting local school children or other volunteers to sing and otherwise entertain residents. They organize games such as bingo checkers or chess on a weekly or even daily basis for the enjoyment of residents and sometimes their visitors.

Some facilities offer pet therapy whereby animals are brought in on certain days so that residents can play with them or just watch them. Sometimes activities directors plan outings to malls movie or plays.

Activities directors often try to coordinate outings with volunteers' schedules in case some residents need help to participate. Experienced activities directors are able to coordinate and supervise volunteers so that their help can be used efficiently in carrying out various activities in addition to outings.

To work in this profession individuals must be organized flexible and kind. Activities directors keep records on which residents attend the planned activities and they often work with a representative group of residents to determine preferences.

To qualify for a job as an assisted living activities director individuals usually need a year of experience in an eldercare setting preferably with supervisory responsibilities. Most activities directors have a bachelor's or master's degrees in the social sciences preferably with a specialty in gerontology.

According to the website salaries for activities directors depend partly upon education and years of experience and can range from approximately $20000 to $53000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $36500
High Salary: $53000
Low Salary: $20000
Tasks: Plans social events for assisted living residents.
Coordinates holiday celebrations.
Provides opportunities for residents to play games and have fun.
Arranges for outings and shopping trips.
Also Called: Nursing Home Activities Director
Assisted Living Entertainment Coordinator
Director of Nursing Home Activities
Long Term Care Activities Director
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