Animal Health Technologist

Animal Health Technologists also known as veterinary technologists assist veterinarians in taking care of animals. They may assist either small animal veterinarians who see mostly dogs cats birds reptiles and rodents or large animal veterinarians who see animals such as horses cows pigs and sheep.

Animal health technologists in a veterinarians office talk to the pet owner to obtain a medical history of the pet and perform routine examinations of a pets general health checking the eyes ears teeth body temperature etc.

An animal health technologist may also draw blood from an animal run laboratory tests take and develop x-rays and assist the veterinarian with other diagnostic tests. They may also be responsible for euthanizing animals at the appropriate time.

Animal Health Technologists who work with large animals may assist veterinarians on house calls to farms or ranches to help in examining sick animals administering medicines or aiding in birthing horses cattle and other farm animals.

Some animal health technologists work in a research setting where they prepare laboratory samples run tests and record information on animals vital statistics. Animal Health Technologists usually have at least an Associates Degree in veterinary technology and must pass a credentialing exam.

The average yearly salary for an animal health technologist is around $30500 with experienced technologists earning over $43000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $31630
High Salary: $43080
Low Salary: $20180
Tasks: Assists veterinarians in examining animals.
Conducts laboratory tests.
Cares for animals after surgery or other medical procedures.
Administers emergency first-aid to animals.
Also Called: Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technologist
Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Nurse
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