Animal Control

Animal control officers can be seen in towns and cities picking up stray injured or abused animals to take them to shelters. They can also be found in rural areas offering assistance in instances when wild animals come too close to human populations.

In some cities animal control officers are employed through the police department. In other cities they may be contracted to the local shelter humane society or ASPCA.

Animal Control Officers focus on rescuing animals from dangerous or abusive situations and educating the public regarding proper animal care. Animal Control officers pick up stray animals and take them to shelters where they attempt to locate the animals owner. They may also help treat the animals if they are injured or require medical attention. If the owners cannot be located or if an animal is too badly injured animal control officers may be required to euthanize the animal.  If you are interested in additional information on animal control careers please see our resource guide.

This job requires a high school diploma and some prior experience with animals. There are also a few agencies that offer training to animal control officers – Animal Services Training and Consultation (ASTAC) and the National Animal Control Association.

The average yearly salary for an animal control officer is approximately $33500 but can range anywhere between $19500 and $51000 depending on the experience of the officer and the city or state in which the officer works.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $35355
High Salary: $51170
Low Salary: $19540
Tasks: Investigates animal cruelty reports.
Captures and removes stray animals and place them in shelters.
Cares for animals at shelters.
Euthanizes unclaimed or severely injured strays, or extremely dangerous animals.
Also Called: Animal Control Worker
Animal Park Code Enforcement Officer
Animal Attendant
Dog Control Officer
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