Animal Care

There are many different types of animal care workers with different responsibilities and job duties. Kennel attendants care for peoples pets while they are staying in the kennel facility. This involves giving them the appropriate amount of food and water making sure they get enough exercise and cleaning out the pets kennel.  Research your education opportunities in this exciting field of work.

Animal care workers at a shelter have almost the same job duties although they also need to keep records on any tests or treatments performed on the animals. They must also interact with people looking for lost pets and people wishing to adopt a pet. Groomers are animal care workers who take care of an animals appearance including bathing them trimming their fur clipping their nails and brushing their teeth.

Groomers may work in a pet salon or travel to the pet owners home to groom their pets. Pet sitters are another type of animal care worker. Their duties are similar to those of a kennel attendant but they take travel to the animals home to take care of them. Grooms are people who take care of horses. They feed groom and exercise the horses at a stable and are also in charge of cleaning out the stalls and organizing the tack room where the harnesses saddles and bridles are kept.

Keepers are animal care workers who work at a zoo. Keepers are responsible for feeding the animals cleaning their enclosures and sometimes helping to take care of the baby animals born at the zoo. All animal care workers must have patience and a love of animals.

The education required for these animal care jobs differs greatly. Pet sitters kennel attendants and workers in animal shelters dont need any formal education beyond high school. Groomers often learn their trade by completing an informal apprenticeship under the guidance of an experienced groomer. Zoos require their caretakers to have a bachelor's degree in biology animal science or a related field. Although salaries for animal care workers vary based on the specific job the average yearly salary for all animal care workers is about $21800.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $23625
High Salary: $31660
Low Salary: $15590
Tasks: Gives animals food and water.
Cleans and disinfects animals' cages, pens, stables, etc.
Keeps animals clean and neatly groomed.
Makes sure animals get enough exercise.
Also Called: Animal Care Giver
Kennel Technician
Kennel Attendant
Kennel Assistant
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