Animal Breeder

Animal breeders know how to select and breed animals based on their genetic background in order to obtain offspring with specific characteristics. According to the website the qualifications for animal breeders depend upon the species with which they work.

Those that breed large animals such as horses and cattle usually need to earn a degree in a field such as agricultural science or veterinary science which can take from four to six or more years to earn. In contrast those that work with small domesticated animals such as purebred cats or dogs do not need a formal degree but must keep up their knowledge about the particular breed of animals in which they specialize.  If you are interested in resources regarding this field, please check out our resources section.

The website says that animal breeders perform a variety of duties. They usually spend considerable time outdoors although some work in offices or laboratories. First they must perform daily tasks that keep the animals properly fed and housed. They must make sure the animals are vaccinated on schedule to protect them from disease and they must be on the alert to detect signs of illness or injury. They must be observant when they select the animals that will be bred.

Finally they determine when the animals are ready for breeding and they must maintain an accurate log of which animals have been bred. Some animal breeders exhibit their animals at shows where they look for buyers who will be interested in purchasing them. The website says that earnings for animal breeders depend on the specific activities they perform and the type and quality of the animals they breed. Those working with large animals earn a median income of approximately $62000 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $62000
High Salary: $72000
Low Salary: $52000
Tasks: Attempts to produce animal offspring with desired traits.
Keeps health records for animals being bred.
Sells animals that are born as a result of breeding.
Feeds, waters and cleans animals.
Also Called: Dog Breeder
Farm Animal Breeder
Small Animal Breeder
Pet Breeder
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