Geographers are scientists that study climate the features of the earth’s surface and the nature of the population inhabiting particular areas. They make use of census data satellite imagery and aerial photographs to learn more about the earth’s features and the number and cultural background of the people that reside in a particular location. Geographers use computer software to create and modify maps. The website says that many geographers specialize in one aspect of geography. For example economic geographers study how economic activities are distributed across various locations and climatologists study weather patterns. Geographical information specialists use computer technology to gather and analyze data to be used for environmental planning and methods for managing natural resources. Some geographers specialize in all geographic aspects of particular region including climate economy and physical features. Geographers can work for map companies and some work for government defense and intelligence departments. Others work for or consult with government agencies as to agricultural and urban or regional planning issues and they may advise businesses on such things as where to locate production facilities or how to determine the best markets for labor goods and services. With regard to education geographers need at least a bachelor’s degree in order to qualify for certain government jobs and some high school teaching positions. However website says that for more advanced geographer jobs individuals must have a master’s degree in geography and they need a Ph.D. in order to be on the faculty of a college or university where they teach and present and publish their research findings. Employment prospects for geographers are good and the median annual salary geographers earn is approximately $70000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $70000
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $60000
Tasks: Analyzes climates and topography.
Studies weather patterns.
Records the physical aspects of various land areas.
Records the features of the earth
Also Called: Social Scientist
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