The study of demographics is important because it allows governmental agencies companies and organizations that need statistical research on population trends to plan ahead for services that may be needed in certain locations decide where to construct roads buildings and other structures and figure out how to market products to groups living in particular places.

Demographers are sometimes called "sociologists" or "population sociologists" because they study societies and population and they gather statistical data consisting of the typical traits of individuals living in particular areas. One of the biggest employers of demographers according to is the government.

Specifically the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Bureau of the Census collect demographic data to help determine changes in population. However private companies also hire demographers to help them prepare appropriate advertising campaigns so they market the correct products to the most suitable group of people.

While a bachelor's degree in an area related to sociology will help get a person started in a demography career states that a master's degree is normally required. Some entry-level demographer positions include interviewing members of the general population with basic questions and more mid to higher-level positions would include creating questionnaires compiling statistical information and authoring reports on conclusions based on the gathered statistics.  Get a career as a demographer.

The average salary for a demographer is approximately $53160 per year.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $53160
High Salary: $63160
Low Salary: $43160
Tasks: Studies population migration.
Works as a sociologist.
Gathers statistical information.
Compiles reports on population numbers.
Also Called: Statistician
Population Scientist
Census Taker
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