Trade Mark Agent

Trade mark agents help people companies and corporations establish ownership of a symbol that they want to use to represent a product or family of products. Trade mark agents must be highly detail-oriented and willing to conduct thorough research to determine whether a particular symbol is already in use by another person or entity or whether it is sufficiently unique that it can be registered in the name of the client or company that is requesting it. Trade mark agents give their opinions on the likelihood that a certain symbol is sufficiently unique to qualify for a successful application and they walk clients through the complicated application process. If the process is successful and the symbol is deemed sufficiently unique the client will be able to adopt it and thus have it registered in their name. Trade mark agents are not necessarily lawyers but they must be aware of the law related to trade marks and they must make every effort to abide by the law. They can work in law firms under the supervision of an attorney helping with cases that involve trade mark applications. However some are employed by the government and others work independently in their own offices. They often work under pressure and must be good at meeting deadlines. The website says that in general trade mark agents should have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in a field related to law andor trade marks in order to learn the concepts and procedures associated with trade mark applications and become proficient at conducting trade mark research. Trade mark agents earn a median annual salary of approximately $83000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $83225
High Salary: $93225
Low Salary: $73225
Tasks: Drafts trade mark agreements.
Files paperwork wit the Trademark Office.
Discusses ideas with those requesting trade marks.
Writes detailed descriptions of items or services to be trademarked.
Also Called: Patent Agent
Intellectual Property Agent
Patent Attorney
Trademark Attorney
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