Mutual Fund Broker

Mutual fund brokers are the financial professionals who sell shares of mutual funds to individuals or corporations wishing to invest in specific types of pooled funds. They are also responsible for cashing out shares of the funds when investors want their money. Mutual fund brokers work with money managers. Money managers are those who take money the money collected by mutual fund brokers and use it to purchase bonds stocks and other types of financial securities with the goal of making money from the investments. These pools of stocks bonds and securities are called mutual funds. Mutual fund brokers typically work for brokerage houses. They communicate directly with other mutual fund brokers on share prices purchases and sales. Because there are a wide variety of mutual fund types mutual fund brokers are often responsible for evaluating their customers’ financial needs and goals and recommending the appropriate mutual fund investments based on the customers’ specific situations. Some of the qualities that successful mutual fund brokers must possess include a high comfort level dealing with large financial transactions the ability to handle high-stress situations and an expert level of knowledge related to the world’s financial markets. According to mutual fund brokers typically earn a salary between $43440 and $141070 per year. Depending on the specific employer mutual fund brokers may earn some or all of their salary on a commission basis. The website states that mutual fund brokers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a major in economics finance business administration or a related subject. Upon graduation from college most aspiring mutual fund brokers find employment at brokerage houses which typically provide additional educational training. A license is required for this position which can be achieved by passing an examination.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $92255
High Salary: $141070
Low Salary: $43440
Tasks: Assists in the sale of mutual fund shares.
Advises clients who want to buy into mutual funds.
Predicts future developments in trading.
Places buy and sell orders for clients.
Also Called: Mutual Fund Financial Analyst
Fund Broker
Financial Analyst
Investment Analyst
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