Investment Specialist

Investment specialists work directly with clients providing them with advice and guidance on how and where they should invest their money. They often recommend specific stocks bonds mutual funds and insurance policies in order to protect and grow their client’s net worth. An investment specialist usually sits down with clients and discusses their financial goals and how much risk they would like to take with their investments and then conducts research on what investment choices best match their client’s financial objectives. According to the website an investment specialist “Identifies clients’ investment objectives and matches investment products.” When investment specialists work for a specific brokerage company they often recommend products only available from those companies. However investment specialists who work independently or for an investment firm that is not specifically affiliated with a brokerage house they are able to offer more broad options and advice to their clients. An investment specialist must be knowledgeable about a wide variety of investment options and must be able to confidently recommend them to clients based on past success and future economic predictions. The website states that most investment specialists have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but many have a Master’s in Business Administration (“MBA”) or a master’s degree in a related financial field. Most investment specialists must also hold NASD series 6 7 and 63 licenses. states that lower tier or new investment specialists typically earn $44700 per year and the most experienced investment specialists earn approximately $110300 per year. Higher salaries are often dependent on the wealth level of clients.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $77500
High Salary: $110300
Low Salary: $44700
Tasks: Reviews and recommends investments.
Matches clients' financial objectives with investment choices.
Advises clients on investment decisions.
Studies economic trends prior to giving investment advice.
Also Called: Financial Specialist
Investment Advisor
Investment Analyst
Financial Advisor
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