Financial Planning Analyst

A financial planning analyst who is sometimes called a financial planner provides advice and guidance to businesses and individual clients who need help with investments. According to financial planners “prepare financial plans for their customers.” Financial planning analysts are trained to observe and evaluate the economy and study various economic sectors in order to make recommendations on where their clients should invest money. While they are not able to completely predict what turns the economy will take in the future with one hundred percent certainty they are experts at evaluating data and patterns within specific economic sectors. Using their knowledge and the data available to them they are able to make very well-educated predictions on what will happen in the future in terms of financial investments. Financial planning analysts who are successful and have a proven track record are often in high demand and are sometimes hard for businesses and individuals with smaller amounts of money to retain. Some of the most important characteristics for successful financial planning analysts to possess are a high attention to detail excellent communication skills and a sincere understanding of economic and market trends. Many financial planning analysts are certified as Chartered Financial Analysts (“CFA”) or they are Certified Financial Planners. Typically financial planning analysts have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but many also have a master’s degree such as an MBA. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics financial planning analysts earn between $43440 for entry level positions to more than $141070 for those with many years of experience.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $92255
High Salary: $141070
Low Salary: $43440
Tasks: Evaluates risks in financial portfolios.
Focuses on trends impacting a specific industry.
Conducts financial research and analysis.
Helps businesses and individuals make investment choices.
Also Called: Financial Analyst
Investment Analyst
Securities Analyst
Portfolio Analyst
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