Finance Clerk

Finance clerks typically work in banks for accounting firms or in the finance and accounting departments at both small and large companies. They often assist others in their departments with clerical and secretarial duties but their jobs focus heavily on numbers and keeping track of various monetary transactions such as payroll accounts payable and accounts receivable. As with most careers related to accounting and monetary transactions finance clerks must have a keen attention to detail have excellent typing and 10-key skills and understand basic to moderate accounting principles. Finance clerks must feel comfortable using computers compiling numbers adding numbers to databases working directly with customers or clients and processing paperwork. In addition to working with numbers and recording transactions finance clerks are often required to perform regular secretarial andor clerical duties in an office. Many answer incoming phone calls type documents and create spreadsheets respond to e-mail messages and call customers and clients on the phone as needed. Additionally some finance clerks are responsible for a company’s payroll andor collections efforts for past due balances on accounts. According to most employers require that their finance clerks have a minimum of a high school diploma but an associate’s degree is almost always preferred. The website reports that financial clerks typically earn a salary between $28000 and $41000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $34500
High Salary: $41000
Low Salary: $28000
Tasks: Works in an accounting or finance department.
Performs secretarial and clerical duties.
Enters monetary transactions into a computer.
Handles routine transfers of money.
Also Called: Bank Clerk
Accounting Clerk
Auditing Clerk
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