Commercial Bank Officer

Commercial banking officers who sometimes called commercial bankers can be employed in any department in a bank or financial institution. Their defining characteristic is that they have legal authorization to sign documents on the behalf of the institution for which they work.

Commercial banking officers serve a leadership role as the go-to person for employees in their respective departments. In addition they forge relationships between employees in their own and in other departments. They are in charge of attracting new customers both individuals as well as businesses and doing credit analyses when they apply for loans. Ideally they maintain a portfolio of loans for clients with a range of credit ratings.

Commercial banking officers have college degrees usually with courses in business administration accounting and finance. However those with graduate education in business administration or economics have an edge. Oftentimes commercial banking officers start out as trainees during which time they participate in management training programs seminars or classes offered by divisions of the American Bankers Association.

After they complete this training they are given a higher level of responsibility. In some cases a bank will pay tuition so an up-and-coming commercial banking officer can get additional postgraduate education.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job prospects for commercial banking officers are moderately positive because more banks are opening local branches. The average salary for this career depends on the size of the bank but is approximately $89000. In addition there are usually bonuses and commissions as well as paid holidays vacations health and life insurance pension benefits. Commercial banking officers in some jobs also participate in profit sharing plans.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $89000
High Salary: $99000
Low Salary: $79000
Tasks: Signs documents on behalf of the bank.
Develops business relationships with bank patrons.
Attempts to attract new customers to their bank.
Manages bank employees.
Also Called: Commercial Banker
Bank Officer
Bank Manager
Commercial Banking Manager
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