Bond Dealer

For people who have good mathematical and analytical skills and are willing to put in long fast-paced hours beginning bright and early in the morning a career as a bond dealer could be a good choice.

Bond dealers also called bond brokers are the middlemenwomen who serve as the link between institutional investors or traders and the financial markets. Specifically they ensure that bonds which are fixed income securities are transferred to clients in an appropriate and timely manner.

Bond dealers can work with banks credit unions or other financial institutions. This is a challenging career that calls for excellent multi-tasking skills. Bond dealers spend much of their time analyzing data on a computer screen because they are responsible for minimizing their clients' risks. However they must also be able to communicate clearly both orally often on the phone as well as in writing.

With regard to qualifications bond dealers have a bachelor's degree and usually a graduate degree in business or mathematics. In addition they must pass the General Securities Representative Exam for which there are special preparation courses. Sometimes aspiring bond dealers serve as interns at bond brokering firms to develop their credentials. Those willing to accept the challenges of this job can be rewarded with a good level of pay a considerable portion of which is based on incentives and commissions.

According to bond dealers usually have starting salaries of $30000 but they can make $90000 or more with commissions.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $60000
High Salary: $90000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Works with institutional investors or traders.
Analyzes financial data.
Ensures that bonds are transferred to clients in an appropriate and timely manner.
Uses math and analytical skills during long working hours.
Also Called: Bond Broker
Stock Broker
Financial Analyst
Stock Market Analyst
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