Shoe Designer

An important member of the fashion design industry is the shoe designer. Not only do shoe designers create desirable and trendy shoes that are sold in boutiques and specialty shoe stores but they also design entire lines of foot wear that are practical and mass produced for department stores. The website states that there are three different levels of shoe designers. The first is an “assistant footwear designer” who is responsible for assisting in all aspects of the shoe design business and helping with the development of new products. The second level of shoe designer is a “footwear designer” who works to develop lines of footwear for specific target markets. They are responsible for selecting materials for the footwear and for creating drawings of proposed footwear. The third and highest level shoe designer is the “senior footwear designer.” Senior designers are experts in deciding on the best patterns and materials to use in the shoe making process. They are also highly knowledgeable about what types of shoes customers want and are willing to buy. No matter what the job level however a shoe designer must have a creative ability be able to sketch their ideas and build prototypes of their ideas for presentation purposes. The formal educational requirement for a shoe designer is an associate’s degree in the field of shoe design or fashion design. However sometimes more important than a classroom education is the ability to know and predict fashion trends and how to design a product that will appeal to the masses. The website states that the yearly salary for a shoe designer can range from $25000 to $150000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $87500
High Salary: $150000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Researches current fashion trends.
Conceptualizes new shoe design ideas.
Draws ideas on paper or with the help of computer aided design programs.
Determines the materials to be used in new shoe designs.
Also Called: Footwear Designer
Shoe Maker
Fashion Designer
Footwear Maker
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