Fur Designer

A fur designer also sometimes known as a furrier is someone who designs and creates fur garments coats and other fur outerwear. Creating garments made from fur or with fur trim requires special care since fur can be very fragile and can become easily ruined when not handled properly. Fur designers may work for large fashion houses for small boutiques or as independent designers. They could be responsible for designing an entire line of fur garments or they may specialize in working with individual clients to create custom-made creations. Often fur designers will advise their clients about proper fur handling care and storage as well. Fur designers may also work with other fashion designers to provide the furs used in a garments trim such as fur collars or cuffs on non-fur outerwear. Because of the recent ethical concerns related to the fur trade many fur designers have altered the way they acquire furs and find sources of fur which avoid the trade of banned furs or furs from endangered species. Even with the publics ethical concerns about wearing furs today there are more than 400 renowned fashion designers showing fur fashions coats and fur-trimmed merchandise in their collections. Fur designers usually need to have completed at least a two-year fashion design program to begin their work as a designer. Depending upon their experience and where they work a fur designers salary can range from about $23000 to over $100000 per year with an average salary of $63000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $63000
High Salary: $103000
Low Salary: $23000
Tasks: Designs, creates, and repairs fur garments.
Creates custom fur coats and/or clothing.
Educates customers who about proper fur storage and handling.
Works with other clothing designers to provide fur accessories.
Also Called: Furrier
Fur Clothier
Fur Merchandiser
Fur Advisor
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