Fashion Designer

People who love clothing and accessories understand that these items can help people develop confidence and project an image have a strong interest in the latest apparel trends in the fashion industry and are creative can thrive in a career as a fashion designer. Fashion designers design clothes and accessories that are aesthetically pleasing stylish and comfortable to wear. They must keep track of both local and global fashion trends so that the items they design will stand out among the competition and be noticed as appealing and unique. Also they must make sure that the models who show off their designs display them in the most flattering way possible. Some fashion designers work for fashion brands but others are self-employed and sell their designs to various sources. A very small percent of fashion designers end up designing the clothes seen on Paris and New York runways. Many successful fashion designers design items such as the sportswear and children’s clothing found on the racks in ordinary clothing and department stores. According to the website there are no strict requirements that state aspiring fashion designers must attend a fashion school. However those who have a degree from a well-known fashion school or institute often have an easier time landing a job partly because fashion houses usually recruit new designers from these places. Programs in fashion design last two to four years and many institutes award a certificate upon completion. Working as an assistant to an experienced or well-known fashion designer is an excellent opportunity for advancement in this career. The website says that beginning fashion designers usually earn annual salaries between $30000 and $45000. With five years of experience they can earn at least $60000 and after ten years $100000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $65000
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Designs clothes and accessories.
Knows trends in the fashion industry.
Works for individual clients or large clothing manufacturers.
Uses computer aided design ("CAD") to design clothing.
Also Called: Clothing Designer
Fashion Expert
Garment Designer
Apparel Designer
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