Fabric Designer

Fabric designers create designs and patterns for material that will be used for clothing purses and scarves and for home goods such as upholstery curtains linens or sewing fabric. Some create designs for wallpaper or gift wrap paper. According to the website www.ehow.com some fabric designers hold positions in industries that manufacture furniture clothing textiles or paper. Others have their own independent business and sell patterns to various companies or create their own fabrics or paper. Fabric designers must be knowledgeable about computers because computer-aided design programs are commonly used. However it is essential that they be skilled at drafting and creating sketches and illustrations that they are good at selecting materials and that they have a firm understanding of the processes that go into textile production. In most cases they must also be good at communicating. If they have their own business they will have to present their ideas to clients in order to make a sale. If they work for a corporation they will have to work cooperatively with the sales and production departments. A number of schools provide training to aspiring fabric designers. For example fashion and art institutes offer courses in textile design that can lead to associate’s degrees and some schools grant bachelor of fine arts degrees. Students often serve internships while they are still in school. Obtaining employment in this field is competitive partly because of the increased use of imports and greater use of automation. However there is always a place for talented individuals who can create unique designs for upscale clients. The website www.ihirecommercialart.com reports the average annual base pay is approximately $31000 $40000 or $52000 for fabric designers with little experience average experience and greater experience respectively.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $41500
High Salary: $52000
Low Salary: $31000
Tasks: Creates designs and patterns for material.
Uses drafting equipment to create sketches.
Designs patterns for clothing and furniture fabric.
Works with clients to develop desired designs.
Also Called: Pattern Designer
Design Drafter
Upholstery Fabric Designer
Textile Fabric Designer
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_5242402_career-description-fabric-designer_.html