Cobblers who are sometimes called "shoemakers" are artisans that specialize in making restoring and repairing shoes. The profession of working with shoes has been in existence for centuries and in some cases cobblers come from families in which many generations have been in the business.

The website says that the skills necessary for becoming a competent cobbler take about four years to learn because cobblers must become familiar with various types of equipment that are used to do repairs and they must understand how to work on many different kinds of shoes.

According to the website there are still a few cobbler schools in existence and cobblers can participate in workshops to learn new techniques. However most learn the trade by becoming apprentices to experienced cobblers who may be family members already in well-established cobbler businesses.

A good cobbler can extend the life of a well-made pair of shoes for many years which is much more cost-effective than purchasing new shoes when old ones show signs of wear and tear. Most of present-day cobblers today do not actually make shoes as was done in the past. Instead they perform such tasks as resoling resurfacing reheeling stretching and reshaping different types of shoes for their customers.

Some cobblers will accept shoes that are mailed in for repair but usually people deliver their shoes in person.

According to the website the salaries cobblers earn depend on location employer and experience. On average however they make $26000 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $26000
High Salary: $30000
Low Salary: $22000
Tasks: Repairs shoes.
Re-soles shoes.
Reshapes shoes.
Stretches shoes.
Also Called: Shoe Cobbler
Shoe Maker
Shoe Designer
Shoe Craftsman
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