Home Economist

A home economist believes that it is important to be a productive member of society with a job and a livelihood. However it is just as important to a home economist that every person who has a job and earns money should practice the best life management or “home economics” skills as possible so that money is spent wisely on household items clothing groceries and other essentials that are necessary for every-day life. A home economist is often seen as a teacher or an educator who conducts discussions and demonstrations to groups who are in need of advice on home budgeting and how to manage a household. The field of home economics has been in existence since the late 1800s and has evolved significantly over time. Today there are several central topics that are the main focuses of home economists. They include food and nutrition child development clothing housing and home furnishings and “home management” as it relates to how families spend money on consumer goods. Home economists often begin teaching children as young as elementary school age and continue to instill theories and economic information via classes taught at the high school level. Many high schools in America require that students take a home economics or “life management skills” class as part of their graduation requirements. Additionally courses are taught at the college level and through independent schools and sources for adults. In order to become a home economist a minimum of an associate’s degree should be earned but a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate is usually required for those who want to teach in a public school. Significant personal experience with successfully managing a family home and job can also help a person be successful in this profession. According to www.salaryexpert.com a home economist can expect to earn an annual salary of $21618 to $59467.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40542.5
High Salary: $59467
Low Salary: $21618
Tasks: Teaches life management skills.
Instructs students on how to make wise consumer purchasing decisions.
Provides information on how to balance a personal life, family life and job.
Strives to help people improve their everyday lives.
Also Called: Life Management Coach
Family Economist
Human Ecologist
Consumer Economist
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