Vending Machine Servicer

Vending machine servicers who are sometimes called “vending machine route workers” make sure that vending machines in various locations are fully stocked with cookies candy bars sandwiches drinks or personal items. They are also responsible for making sure vending machines are functioning properly. Typically vending machine servicers are assigned a certain route and are responsible for any vending machine installation on that route as well as for checking on the performance of each vending machine and stocking it at regular intervals. They keep track of items sold in each location and the amount of money collected. There may be customer requests for certain items as well as customer complaints when there is any loss of money in the vending machines. Although vending machine servicers usually work 40 hours a week they may have to work evenings and weekends in order to keep the machines stocked. They must be prepared to drive their trucks in all kinds of weather and they must be physically able to lift heavy items. The website says there are no formal educational requirements for this job although most employers prefer to hire individuals with a high school diploma. Those hired get on-the-job training although they are expected to have some mechanical ability and a background in electronics in case vending machines are need minor repairs. Courses in these subjects are usually available in vocational schools or community colleges. According to the website the median hourly pay for vending machine servicers is $15.36 and the median annual salary for those working full time is $31950. Vending machine servicers may earn overtime pay for working on holidays.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $31950
High Salary: $36950
Low Salary: $26950
Tasks: Stocks vending machines.
Repairs vending machines that are not working properly.
Collects money from vending machines.
Keeps records of items that are purchased.
Also Called: Vending Machine Route Worker
Vending Machine Repairer
Vending Machine Technician
Vending Machine Inspector
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