Medical Equipment Maintenance

Medical equipment repairers also called “biomedical equipment technicians” “biomedical engineering technicians” or “biomedical electronics technicians” use tools instruments and computers to maintain as well as diagnose and correct problems with medical laboratory equipment X-ray and ultrasound machines electric wheelchairs hospital beds respirators and heart defibrillators. They inspect all items to make sure that they are in proper working order that they are calibrated accurately and that they do not pose any safety hazards. The website says that medical equipment repairers must be knowledgeable about electronic equipment circuit boards computer chips processers software applications and programming and so on. They must be well-versed in the proper procedures for maintaining equipment and diagnosing any malfunction. They usually work during daytime hours but they are on call in case equipment malfunctions in the evening or on weekends. They work in hospitals clinics and private medical practices as well as for commercial electronic equipment suppliers and repair companies and rental companies. The website says that medical equipment repairers must have an associate’s degree in medical technology or electronics but they also need on-the-job training and training classes sponsored by equipment manufacturers. Those that work on complicated equipment need a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or engineering and they must pass a certification exam. Once hired they must continue to take classes and seminars to keep up with changes in technology. According to the website medical equipment repairers earn annual salaries between approximately $31000 and $58000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a significant growth in the need for medical equipment repairers.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $44483.5
High Salary: $58165
Low Salary: $30802
Tasks: Identifies problems with medical equipment.
Tests and calibrates equipment.
Keeps track of repairs made to medical equipment and instruments.
Tests and evaluates equipment to ensure it is working properly.
Also Called: Biomedical Equipment Technician
Biomedical Engineering Technician
Biomedical Electronics Technician
Medical Equipment Engineering Technician
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