Medical Appliance Technician

A medical appliance technician who is also commonly referred to as an “orthopedic brace maker” or a “prosthetics fabrication technician” is responsible for making and fitting medical appliances for medical patients who need various types of support devices. Some of the most common types of appliances that they create and maintain include braces artificial arms and legs and various orthotic and prosthetic pieces. The website says that medical appliance technicians are experienced at reading prescriptions with specific instructions from doctors on the type of appliance required measuring the patient and fabricating the appliance using different types of materials and tools. After the piece is completed the medical appliance technician meets with the patient to fit the device and also to make any necessary adjustments so that it fits comfortably. In cases where existing medical appliances become worn or broken technicians must often repair them and ensure that they are working properly. Medical appliance technicians are not only skilled at manufacturing medical devices in a laboratory setting but they must also work directly with medical patients to guarantee that the devices they build function as they are intended. Therefore they must have excellent communication skills in addition to a high level of manual dexterity. According to medical appliance technicians are usually employed by medical supply manufacturers but some work for hospitals or private medical clinics. The educational path to becoming a medical appliance technician includes a minimum of a high school diploma. Some employers however require a degree or certificate in medical appliance technology. The average salary for medical appliance technicians as stated by the website is approximately $32640 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $32640
High Salary: $34640
Low Salary: $30640
Tasks: Designs and creates medical devices.
Fits appliances to patients.
Repairs broken or damaged medical appliances.
Tests medical appliances for proper alignment.
Also Called: Orthopedic Brace Maker
Orthotics Technician
Medical Appliance Maker
Medical Assembler
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